Brain tumor hopsice care

A comprehensive site with detailed information about end-stage symptoms, the value of dexamethasone, hopsice considerations, end-stage landmarks, and stories from other caregivers during the final days. Oriented toward GBM, but useful for any family in the last stages of brain cancer.Visit site

Sandy Beardsley's blog

A detailed account of Sandy’s seven-year battle with GBM, including her final days, written by her husband. A truly inspirational woman.Visit site

Danielle Drumke's blog

Detailed updates from Danielle’s sister Mila and others, documenting Danielle’s eighteen-month battle with brain cancer through her final days and death.Visit site

Krista Ralston Oakes's blog

Krista writes about her continuing battle with GBM with clarity and humor. Update: Krista passed away two days before her five-year survival anniversary. Her husband, Jared, is still maintaining her blog.Visit site

Article on Jennifer Sugioka

And now some good news! Jenny Sugioka was diagnosed with GBM at age twenty-three. Though her tumor was not fully operable, Jenny is still alive and going strong eleven years later.Visit site

Cheryl Broyles's site

Even more good news! Cheryl Broyles is thirteen years and five surgeries out from a diagnosis of GBM.Visit site